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  • What is AdonisHeart?
    AdonisHeart is a small indie business that makes adult games for the typically female audience, AdonisHeart's games focus entirely on beautiful male characters with content that makes our games have more interactivity and replay value.
  • What features do AdonisHeart's games have?
    More often then not, AdonisHeart's games have character creation systems to give users a more interactive experience, there are so many games directed at the female audience that don't include the freedom to create your perfect boy which is why AdonisHeart came to be in the first place. Other features may vary but character creation systems will be consistent, do keep in mind however that this doesn't mean AdonisHeart would never make any games without character creation systems, we will make games that have other concepts as well.
  • Can I add mods to AdonisHeart's games?
    Yes you can, but remember that mods may give your copy of the game errors. If you have an error due to a mod, AdonisHeart will not be responsible for these errors and will not accept inquiries about them.
  • Would AdonisHeart add my language to their games?
    Yes and no, we would very much add other languages as free DLC to reach a wider audience, but there will not be voice acting, there will only be text changes.
  • Can I request/suggest features for future games?
    Absolutely, we welcome all suggestions and requests as we want to make our games fun for our customers. Send us an email through our Contacts page
  • Can I buy AdonisHeart games even if I don't live in Canada?
    Yes! AdonisHeart welcomes anyone from anywhere to purchase and play our games unless your country does not allow our games, then you must abide by your countries laws. We will not be responsible for our games being used illegally by a user.
  • I sent an email, why didn't AdonisHeart respond?"
    There might be several reasons as to why this is happening: 1.Your email is unsafe 2. Your email is breaking our contact rules 3. It could be a holiday or weekend 4. We may be answering other emails still 5. Your internet connection may not be very good, in this case try sending again
  • Can I buy AdonisHeart's games for someone under 18?
    No, AdonisHeart's games are intended for a mature adult audience only.
  • Does AdonisHeart have a sister company?
    Yes AdonisHeart has a sister company called "VanillaGlitch" (Link on the main page. VanillaGlitch We high recommend checking out VanillaGlitch for their upcoming titles as they create games similar to ours but with slightly different tastes.
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