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- ADONISHEART will not be responsible for any damages arising from use of mods and will not accept support and inquiries relating to such damages.


- ADONISHEART will not be responsible for mods created by users eg. mods that go against Canadian law for media/art expression, we humbly ask that mods remain legal.

- Using our games, trial versions, screenshots, etc. for distribution or sale purposes is prohibited.

- Please do not use our games for immoral manners.

- ADONISHEART is not responsible for a parent or guardian buying our adult games for a person below age 18, as buying our games for an audience under 18 is prohibited.

- Please do not use our character creators to create people who exist without consent, ADONISHEART is not responsible for misuse of our character creation games.

- All products are copyright to ADONISHEART.


-Any fictional character or portrayal that seems relative to real persons or events are purely coincidental and are not to be taken seriously.


-ADONISHEART games are a work of fiction and do not affect, harm nor portray real people.


-All characters in ADONISHEART games are over 18.

*Please follow the above terms and conditions.


ADONISHEART appreciates your love for our games, currently we only have a fluent English speaking team. If ADONISHEART has a localized game in your language it may not necessarily mean we understand the language, most likely the case would be that we were offered help.

We hope you too can enjoy our games as much as everyone else!

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