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February Friday Update

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has been well lately, how are you doing?

It seems February keeps getting colder but not to worry, Spring will be here soon enough!

We have updated the System section of Heaven Farm's page!

In this it introduces us to the concept of impregnating your cows so you can raise their babies and then sell them to other farms once they are old enough.

It also shows how selecting your gender will change the appearance of the player but it will not change the player to a bottom, afterall, women can be tops to and I wish to let everyone enjoy an adult Otome-ish game where your female player is not bottom, we want men who bottom to be our focus!

With making your cow pregnant you have to wait awhile before you find out he is pregnant, but once they find out you will get a notification stating that it has happened.

I hope everyone enjoyed today's update! Please look forward for more to come in the future, have a wonderful day!


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